My experiences with Mumbai Police and doctors

After I returned to Mumbai from Chennai,I was in for more surprises or rather shocks. As soon as I reached home from office in the evening I got an anonymous call saying that my wife met with an accident with her scooter and that I should rush to such and such a spot. I made a dash to the spot driving my car in a way that I never did before(rash driving is another name for it!) and this took me almost half an hour due to heavy traffic. I was relieved only when I saw her in one piece and learnt that she got away with minor injuries. Till then no amount of philosophising would calm me down from my anxiety,which goes to show that it is virtually impossible for common mortals like us to keep our cool when there is a personal  emergency. Although we had theoretically learnt that troubles are presented to us only to test our spiritual strength and that every adversity is a challege to our ingenuity and a test of our spiritual progress etc etc,it is a pity that we are unable to apply that to a practical situation. The practical application of this philosophy  was the need of that hour since that alone would enable one  to act with alertness and intelligence. Alertness is a result  of being totally aware of the present situation. Being totally aware or being in the  present  situation was the very basic requisite for intelligent action.

After I came to know that an old man was the victim and not my wife,I was completely calm,was totally attentive to the situation and therefore dealt with the matter more convincingly from thereon. The need of the hour was intelligence ,compasion,diplomacy(in dealing with the police and the doctor who were out to exploit the situation). All this was possible only when you are one with the situation.

The police, the doctor and the insurance agent were obviously colluding to extract their pound of flesh once we confirmed that our motor insurance papers were in order. In fact ,very funnily,both the doctor and the police were repeatedly telling me “aap bilkul tension nahin leneka – aap ka case close kar diya gaya hai”. Of course I knew that the case can be closed only if the victim cooperated. In fact we won over the victim’s heart by my wife’s voluntary  and spontaneous act of taking him to the hospital for treatment and me paying Rs 10000 instantly to the doctor for initiating treatment.

For the benifit of my naive daughters(who would not believe me),let me explain why I consider that the police and the doctor are unlikely partners in exploiting the situation. Once the doctor knew that we are insured( for the vehicle),he bluntly said the charges woud be 50 to 60% higher. Immediately he gave us a letter addressed to the police which contained the detais of the accident and the action taken by the doctor. The police ,on their part told us and the victim’s kin that he would arrange for reimbursement of money spent on treatment through his ‘trusted’ insurance agent. As I was explained later by a an insurance professional “unlogonka(agent,doctor &police logonka) ‘setting’ hota hai na!”


Learnings from this episode are obvious. Be open to all possibilities. Considering the present day life and the complexities,no single day can be predictable -each day brings its own surprises! And do not panic when something untoward happens – try to keep calm(easier said than done but nevertheless one should keep trying). Be compasionate,use diplomacy when confronted by adverse situations or people(for instance,it would be inappropriate to question the police or the doctor about their greedy, unethical and corrupt behaviour). Yes,compasion is needed in dealing with the victim’s condition(paying instantly for the treatment and asking the doctor to initiate treatment). And all this would be possible only when you maintain a calm mind inspite of a tense situation.

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  1. ‘un logon ka setting’ increases premium for EVERYBODY and makes all claims suspicious. In a country with no centralised medical and accident records, RISK premium HAS TO BE THE HIGHEST – government general insurance companies BLEED. LOL 🙂 at least a part of your Income Tax is coming back to you 🙂

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