Every(Slum)dog has its day!

Or is it that every underdog has its day?! Either way it is a great day for India and there is reason to rejoice and celebrate. The awards have at once silenced all critics who were suspicious of the real merit of the movie and,of course,delighted those who were full of admiration for the daring and realistic theme. I am personally delighted to see that the creative genius of AR Rehman has been acknowledged at the highest international forum. He started off with a bang in his very first film ‘Roja’ which was full of sensational melodies. And he never looked back.

For an average Indian,any recognition by a ‘Gora’ (white man) is always the ultimate and a final affirmation / endorsement of one’s merit. As they say in Tamil:”Vasishtar vaayaala Brahma Rishi”. This is a reference to our mythological story wherein Sage Vishwamitra yearned for the title of Brihma Rishi (the highest rank among Rishis)to be conferred by none other than the greatest of our Sages-Vasishata. This is precisely the significance of the Oscar for Slumdog.
It is indeed gratifying to see that Indians are making a mark internationally in many spheres(IT,Pharma,Cricket,Business etc and now in films too). What is the difference in the mindset of the very same Indians of the eighties and nineties and the present decade? In my opinion it is just that they are dreaming big and of course working systematically towards their dream. I think it is the Upanishadic line which says- “Yat bhavam tad bhavati”,which translate as:’As you think(dream),thou shall become’.

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