Controversy over the auction of Gandhi’s Memorabilia

The recent controversy regarding the auctioning of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal belongings has become an emotional issue. To me personally it is just one more reminder of our hypocrisy. As a nation we have always been paying lip service to his ideals.We never believed in or practiced his preachings. We have politicised and commercialised the Mahatma. For the politicians he is relevant for his mere brand value – nothing more,nothing less. For most of us he is an anachronism. It is in the fitness of things that his personal belongings are lying thousands of miles away from our reach and is about to be lost forever to another business man. It is as though the Mahatma willed that way!
Look at the the items on auction:
1. His glasses(spectacles) – When we do not understand or share his vision for our nation,is it important to have his glasses?
2. His pair of sandals – Does it have any relevance to us when we do not follow his footsteps?
3.His personal watch – It is well known that time was very precious for Gandhi. Neither our parliamentarians nor an average indian care about time or its importance. Our elected parliamentarians have consistently wasted tax payer’s time and money by disrupting parliamentary proceedings repeatedly and even resorting to personal violence against each other during parliament sessions. With such scant respect for time why do they need the Mahatma’s watch?
It is high time we do introspection into our basic value system before making noises on such issues which will only expose our hypocracy to the world at large.

Postscript:It appears our government will manage to get the items on auction back home thanks to Vijay Malya who participated in the auction and secured the items for us all. Whether we,as a nation, deserve to own them is another matter!

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