Random thoughts on Pakistan’s 20-20 Victory

Last week’s victory for Pakistan in 20-20 world cup final is a virtual coup of sorts. They started as underdogs and the manner in which they lost a preliminary match with England seemed to suggest a virtual rout for them in the tournament. Reaching semifinal,under such circumstances was itself a miracle,not to talk of crucial wins in the last 2 matches!
Nobody has any clue or a clear answer as to what accounted for their victory. Is it leadership? Not a chance. Is it good communication by the captain? one must be kidding to even suggest that,considering the fact that their captain became a laughing stock among the media by saying that 20-20 is a fun game which was not to be taken seriously by the teams! Is it then the team spirit? Again the answer is a big ‘NO’. I am sure everyone who watched the team play would agree with this harsh assessment.
The final result completely defies all logic. Here is a team which is torn by internal dissensions and perpetual conflicts and personality clashes much to the amusement of the media. And still they made it. Could one call it ‘unity in conflict’?( or in spite of conflict?). In other words,they were united for the bigger cause of victory but in conflict on petty issues.
The main difference between India which crashed out of the tournament and Pakistan was that the former made a pretense of unity when there was in fact a conflict within. In contrast,the Pakistani team did not make any effort to hide the fact of their internal conflicts. They were quite vocal and open about the whole thing. This probably enabled them to play with freedom and natural flair for the game. The way Sayed Afridi played vouches for this(He proved to be a match winner in semifinals as well as finals).
Add to that the uncertainties in this format of the game. In 20-20,if a team goes through just a couple of crazy overs with the ball or the bat,they are gone. The short format of the game is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage is that one needs to be focused only for 3 hours or so,unlike in a test match wherein the teams have to remain disciplined and focused for all the 5 days! Further more,even if just one guy excels with the bat and the ball(like Afridi did),the match is as good as won.

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