A Sermon on acidity

The other day my brother called up from Hyderabad. After we exchanged routine greetings and pleasantries,the topic turned to his daughter’s chronic acidity. He sounded desperate as he mentioned that her problem had become so acute of late that it was affecting her other wise active life.
I said it is merely acidity and reflux problem which is all too familiar to me. He asked, “what is reflux”? I said,”oh,it is nothing but up/down movement (in the food pipe) of food or any other junk that we eat or of acid in case we do not eat food”. He confirmed that is precisely her problem. I inquired further whether it is accompanied by pain in the stomach. He replied in the negative. Then I triumphantly declared that it is a minor problem which even I can treat(Look at the audacity!). His tone now changed from one of desperation to reassurance . Then I reeled off names of two drugs,which are routinely prescribed for this sort of problem. I explained to him that pantoprazole(or the brand name,Pantodac40)will suppress acid formation and the other drug Gastractiv is meant to control the so called ‘Reflux’ problem. He noted down the details deligently. I cautioned him, however,to consult a good Gastroenterologist ( I am not too sure of the spelling – I guess the spelling is as complicated as their field of specialization!) to reconfirm whatever I was saying. I also told him the information was being given only to indicate that it is a common condition among the present day youth and is easy to control.

Thereafter I fielded a number of questions on diet and diet restrictions. I would not like to call them DOs & Don’ts because they were mostly Donts with very few Dos. I will try to put down some of them below:
-Do not eat citrus fruits
-Do not eat over ripe banana
-Do not take curd which is even slightly sour
-Do not take raw vegetables which you can not digest because the undigested food is likely to turn acidic and generate gas
-Of course,most importantly,Do not touch junk food even with a ten foot pole .

Among the important Dos:
-Take small quantity of food at regular intervals
-Take milk at bed time(milk being basic will neutralize acids in the stomach).

At the end of the conversation I felt guilty of giving a sermon,though not unwarranted. In fact my brother asked for it!

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  1. This sermon is definitely useful for anusha.

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