Rejoicing over Competitor’s Failure

“Doctor,our competitor’s product is failing completely whereas ours, which is of acceptable quality, is failing only marginally”, my colleague shouted at the other end of the phone excitedly. “It is indeed interesting”, I said sharing his excitement and realizing the implications of the result. Now ,we can leverage our better quality product to get a better price.
To my colleague the failure of our competitor’s product seemed to be more of an “Eureka moment” than any of our successes earlier.
It appears that the competitor’s failure is relatively more relieving(of stress),enjoyable,and something to relish.
Isn’t it a strange and convoluted logic? It speaks volumes about present day stress at work. People are constantly pressurized to perform. If a product of good quality is made, the focus shifts to cost and if cost parameter is also met,there is pressures on service. And if all issues are satisfied, then there is constant demand for showing the numbers quarter after quarter. The milestones are constantly being shifted to levels beyond reach.
Looking at it from a business perspective,it is almost a war-like situation out in the market place. And as they say,all is fair in love and war. Or is it? Today, marketing is all about outwitting the competitor. Today’s Marketing function is over-obsessed with the role of ‘Competitor Watch’. On the contrary,a balanced approach with equal emphasis on customer focus and leveraging one’s strengths along with information gathering on competitors will yield more dividends in the long run.
This,I feel,is one of the greatest pitfalls of the modern day Free enterprise(wishing our competitor failure and rejoicing over the same).Personally,I feel that this mindset of rejoicing at some one’s failure can eventually become part of our personality and affect our ethical behaviour in our daily lives too.


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