Blissful Experience through Music

I realized the other day that for ordinary mortals like us several things have to fall in place to experience bliss. Look at the following combination:
A great song(‘keertana’)and a divine composition set in a ‘Raga’ with immense depth- A great musician – Nice air-conditioned comfort of a car with no distractions – traveling fresh after a sumptuous breakfast! One would think it is impossible not to experience bliss in such an atmosphere. Sure enough it was an exhilarating and an uplifting experience and my day was made!
Let me now come to the details. The CD I was listening to while travelling to office the other day was that of Nedunuri Krishnamurthy,a well known musician. The song I am referring to is “Emayya Rama—“,which is a composition of Ramadasu set in the Raga Kambhoji. Since I can not bring out the melody of the song in a blog like this, let me describe the beauty of the composition and its profound interpretation as I understand.
Ramadasu starts off saying it is virtually impossible for any one to decipher the mysterious ways the Lord. He tells us that Rama was viewed by each one of His associates in a certain perspective which completely ignored other dimensions of His real nature and personality. For instance,Dasaradha considered Him as a mere son while Sugriva looked up to Him as a dear friend. Likewise,His enemies like Jarasandha treated Him just as a foe while Pandavas considered Him as their great friend and a companion. Continuing in the same vein,the poet says that Kuchela, His boyhood friend, looked upon Him as an affluent person while Gopis showered their affection treating Him as their lover. Yadavas respected Him as their master, while ordinary mortals viewed Him as a ‘Nara'(or human being).
Finally,Ramadasu laments the fact that none understood or recognized Him as the Supreme God(Paramatma).

It is very interesting to note that great Bhaktas(devotees)express the most profound thoughts in such a simple language using very simple words. One can not miss the beautiful rhyming of the words as well. (For instance look at the play on words – Sutudu/Hitudu,Narudu/varudu or nara/dora to name a few).

Let us now consider the subtle and profound meaning of the Keertana. Truth (represented here by Rama) is multidimensional. One will view ‘IT’ in a certain way according to one’s station in life. Truth will appear in several forms and shapes depending on one’s perspective. It is the sum total of all dimensions that constitutes Truth. In fact,It even transcends all that. Clearly,one can not define Rama in terms a son,a friend,a lover,a companion or whatever else. These are only limited roles in which His associates recognized Him without appreciating His infinite nature.
Look at another sidelight of the keertana. Ramadas starts off with Rama and gives several examples of Krishna as well in a significant display of poetic license(or is it a Bhakta’s license?). Clearly,the message of oneness of God is being driven here.

The ‘easy- to- follow ‘Sahityam’ ,bhakti bhava, rich Raga,rendering of the song by a great musician – all contributed to a blissful experience.

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