Customer Feedback – Brahmaji Style

The other day I heard an interesting story narrated by a swamiji on a TV Telugu channel.
It goes like this:
Brahmaji,the creator of the universe,once wanted to get a feedback(customer feedback / satisfaction?)from the living beings on the earth. He wanted to know specifically on the merits of His creation just to be sure that He was indeed doing a great job. Therefore He came down to Earth to talk to various species. He first met a giant fish and inquired its welfare and asked for a honest opinion on the creation pertaining to the water kingdom. The giant fish replied: “You have indeed done a great job except for one small flaw”. The fish elaborated further and continued: “While we are immensely enjoying our lives in the water kingdom,we are constantly being taunted and insulted by everyone through expressions such as ‘fish out of water’. Therefore we feel highly inadequate”. The giant fish really wished that something should be done about that. Brahmaji noted down the request and proceeded to meet a Cow next. The Cow also expressed great satisfaction generally and felt particularly happy about cow worship by a lot of people. However,it was unhappy about the prevalent cow slaughter by some wicked men. Brahmaji was requested to do something about it. The Lord duly noted down this request also and assured that something would be done.
Now it was the turn of a human being(HB) to have an encounter with the Lord. Brahmaji ,as before, sought a sincere feedback on His creation from the man. The interview went somewhat like this:

Brahmaji: How are you my son – Tell me how do you find my creation?
HB:O.K – no problem
Brahmaji: What do you mean – no problem. Be more specific.
HB: Ok;no big deal – nothing great about your creation!
Brahmaji,now genuinely concerned that something is really wrong with His creation, asked – “Tell me what is it that needs to be changed for the better;Tell me without any hesitation – what precisely is bothering you and what do you want from me”.
HB:Well,there is no point,since ,in any case,You can not give what I want.
Brahmaji’s ego was now hurt and He said that he was insulting Him and assured him that He would give him what ever he wished to have as He is the CREATOR Himself.
HB: Alright then – Can you give up your seat and let me occupy the same?
Brahmaji then realized that He was dealing with a highly greedy and discontented being who can not be satisfied with anything and instantly vanished from the scene.

If the Almighty Creator can not satisfy a human being,who else can?

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