Happy Colli(u)sion!!

Have you ever heard of a collision between two individuals or objects being happy? Far from it. However,there is a chance that collusion between people could give a happy conclusion at least temporarily. Yet,as this post is going to show there is at least one momentous instance in the history of the universe where a collision was indeed not only fruitful but the very reason for our existence. The happy ending or outcome is so unbelievable that one could as well describe it as a collusion between the objects of collision! Here is a brief account of one of the most accepted theories of how our mother earth(and the moon)was formed:

This happened billions of years ago during the formative years of our earth. During the initial stages of formation of our earth,a large body as big as Mars struck the earth which was then undersized. The glancing blow was amazingly accurate from many points of view. It was tremendously energetic and not quite head-on. As a result of this collision,the two bodies melted into one. Then the dense portion of the molten mass of metal settled down while ejecting out into space rocky crust. The former formed the bigger earth that we live on today while the smaller rocky crust (ejected into space)eventually formed the stable moon. It was this orbiting moon that stabilized our earth’s tilt,which was critically important to ensure that earth did not experience extreme climates,which would have made it unconducive for life formation.(The tilt is the angle between the earth’s axis of rotation and its orbital plane).

Let us relook at the string of events once again:
The formation of moon(and hence our present earth)required a certain body of a certain mass galloping at a certain speed in space to hit another relatively smaller body of a certain mass at a certain critical angle in order that the collision had a happy outcome! What an amazing string of (un)certainties which were needed for the formation of our mother earth that was habitable! What would one call it? Fine tuning are just plain lucky?

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  1. Good Post. In essense “They had to crash and burn, to create new life!”

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