Is our Universe self created?

We all might have heard the famous line that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. But what if our universe itself is a free lunch? Read the post below to know more:
In an earlier post dealing with numbers and our universe I talked about how numbers could have been fine tuned to make a perfect setting for the formation of the universe. But consider this:We might have all the physical contants right and nicely fine tuned but of what use is all that if we didn’t have the right matter or elements with the right properties which would make a viable universe and life possible? How did the universe with all its matter start in the first place? This was one of the vexing questions that cosmologists had to grapple with. Is it possible for something to come out of nothing? ‘Yes’- say ‘quantum’ cosmologists. Very interesting! It is often said that there is no such thing as free lunch. It was hypothesized that after all the Universe itself could have been a free lunch!(This is the famous statement by Alan Guth,a famous cosmologist). According to this hypothesis the universe could have started from nothing at all for no reason!
For those of you who are scientifically inclined,this is a consequence of the famous UNCERTAINTY principle which is applicable to submicroscopic domain. This principle allows for events to take place spontaneously. This also allows matter to appear from nowhere if only temporarily.

Talking of matter,what matters the most for life in any planet is Water. Any debate on water is therefore an existential issue. That is why it has been given a pride of place in all religious,spiritual and material pursuits. It is next only to air in importance for creating and sustaining life. Look at some of the bizarre properties of this element.
It is the only liquid on earth which expands on freezing. In other words the density of ice is lower than that of water. An important consequence of this behaviour is that on freezing ice floats on top thereby ensuring that water below remains in liquid state and promote growth of life. otherwise entire ocean water would have turned into ice.
Secondly,this is the only liquid which can dissolve salt as well as sugar and a wide variety of substances in our bio-system. This is important to transport life sustaining materials in and out of our biological systems.
Water also acts as a great purifier by virtue of its ability to dissolve a number of contaminants.
I don’t think anyone can exhaust the number of special qualities of water in the context of life on earth.

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