Inspiring World Cup Victory

Zen Master,Yogi, Mr Cool etc – these are some of the descriptions of Dhoni after our historic world cup win. This brings up the question as to what are the amazing qualities that make a yogi or a zen master. Of the several definitions of Yoga, I like the following one from Bhagavadgita chapter 2, which reads as follows:
“Yogah karmasu kaushalam” – which may be translated as ‘yoga is skill in action’. Note here the emphasis is on action and skill. Our scriptures clearly emphasize the importance of action contrary to the belief by some uninformed critics that Hinduism advocates passive acceptance of our lot in life.
J Krishnamurthy also explores at length on intelligence, love, compassion, insight, clarity and skillful action. He explains beautifully how they are all interrelated. Skilll in action comes out of clarity which in turn arises out of intelligence and compassion. Compassion is a product of observation – a choiceless observation and awareness where one is in complete attention.
Obviously Zen masters & Yogis have mastered this skill and that is why they are able to produce perfection in action.

Interestingly, JK makes a clear distinction between concentration and attention. When one is concentrating ,one is totally absorbed in a particular task on hand to the complete exclusion of everything else. Whereas in the case of Total Attention, one is completely aware of the total picture. It is this quality that drives one to skillful action. For instance a batsman is required to focus only on his batting whereas as a captain one is responsible for everything including batting,strategising,manpower management,leading from the front , motivating and getting the best from every member of the team and most importantly taking complete responsibility for all decisions and their outcome. When one thus pays complete attention to total picture , clarity arises leading to skillful action. In fact Dhoni was so completely absorbed in the skillful execution of the task that for a while after hitting the winning stroke, he was totally lost and didn’t know how to celebrate.

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