There is Beauty in Spontaneity

Consider the following scenario:
You have got into a reserved compartment in a train at a small station in the middle of a night (say,around 1am) and it is all pitch dark inside. You somehow manage to locate your allotted birth. As you try to occupy your birth, you notice that in the lower birth next to yours, a decent looking middle aged woman is fast asleep. You also notice that the bed sheet used to to cover herself is lying on the floor. Her sari is also not in place, partly exposing her body in an undesirable manner. What would you do? Would you pretend as though you didn’t notice anything and mind your business & go to sleep or would you collect the bed sheet that has fallen on the floor and cover her body?

Honestly, most of us would do the former and mind our business. Quite interestingly,though, one Swamiji, who narrated this story in a TV channel, did just the opposite when he was confronted with the above scenario. He picked up the bed sheet and covered her. She,then, woke up and thanked him and went back to sleep.

The Swamiji then goes on to narrate what happened on the following day. The lady in question was behaving quite normally with everyone except with the Swamiji. She was feeling too embarrassed and shy even to look at him and talk to him. As the train moved on, Swamiji happened to order some breakfast and offered to share the same with her. As she refused, Swamiji said, “Won’t I share this food if my mother were to travel with me…”. He elaborated further saying that for some one who sacrificed his own mother for the sake of taking up ‘sanyas’, it is easy to view all the women in the world as mothers…”

This minor change of perspective was enough to completely alter the woman’s attitude and behaviour towards the swamiji. At once she began talking to him with a lot of reverence and affection and eventually they parted their ways as great friends.

The moral of the story is that very often a simple shift in one’s perspective is all it takes to radically change an awkward situation. The moment the Swamiji invoked a sacred ‘Mother – Son’ relationship into their transaction, all shyness and embarrassment (on the part of the woman) vanished miraculously.
Our spontaneity & natural bahaviour always add beauty to our interactions. But due to our age old mental conditioning, we often behave in an unnatural or artificial manner which takes away beauty from our relationships.

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  1. beautiful. thanks for sharing.

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