It’s Diwali Time & It’s ‘No Business’ as usual in the Offices!

‘Can we expect to finish up our project work by the next week?’ I inquired at the end of our project review meeting. Pat came the reply- ‘Yes Sir- but the next week is a Diwali Week…’. I grasped the implication and nodded helplessly.
After the review meeting, I called up a supplier to inquire about a long pending supply and wanted to know whether I could expect to be served by the following week. Once again I promptly got the same answer. I soon realized the futility of planning anything during the Diwali week. It was good to relax like everyone else instead of getting restless.

For the entire week, the atmosphere in all offices in Mumbai is pretty much like an unofficial ‘Bandh’. Suppliers don’t care to supply, customers don’t bother you with questions about delivery, employees are in their own blissful world and finally bosses don’t ask inconvenient questions about projects or targets with the simple understanding that it is after all a Diwali week.

Then I settled down to checking e-mails and SMSes. It wasn’t not at all easy to filter out the unwanted messages from the genuine ones, since there was a flood of colourful greeting messages from known as well as several unknown people.

During Diwali time, there is another problem to deal with – the menace of people(various service providers)barging into the office to offer gifts. You politely say ‘No’ to some but are forced to accept a few for the fear of offending them.

Finally I headed home to celebrate the festival over a really long and relaxing weekend. As usual Sweets were distributed among friends, candles were lit up, Floors were decorated with ‘Rangoli’ , phone calls were made to chat with close friends & relatives etc. In the midst of all this postmen, drivers, car cleaners, garbage collectors, servant maids etc turned up one after the other to collect their share of Diwali ‘Bakshish’. We had to be ready with abundant supply of 100 rupee notes because these days no one would accept anything less than 100 rupees.

Today is the last day of the long weekend and thank God it will be Business as usual again from tomorrow onwards in the offices!

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