An Insightful Story from YOGA VASISHTA

Comparing, Competing, envying, feeling jealous and all this inevitably resultng in depression. Isn’t this what we see all around us? Most of us are victims of this vicious cycle at some point in our lives. We might shrug our shoulders and say, ‘we are after all humans’. This assumes that this is typically a human failing. Well, our scriptures narrate a number of stories that depict even our Gods in a poor light. It might be comforting to know that even the creator Brahma once succumbed to this tendency in a moment of weakness. However, it will be inspiring to know how he overcame his misery. I will narrate the story from YOGA VASISHTA:

The Sage Kasyapa’s descendant Indu gave birth to 10 brilliant sons through the blessings of the Lord Siva. The sons became distressed when their parents died and wanted to do something to become immortal like the creator Brahma. Therefore, they set out to do penance and meditation. In their meditation they kept repeating: ‘I am the Creator Brahma – The entire creation is within me – all the rivers, mountains, Gods, Goddesses, celestials and so on…’.
They continued their ‘Tapas’ for an entire epoch and beyond (one epoch is equivalent to Brahma’s cosmic night).The contemplation and power of concentration of their mind was so intense that they indeed started creating parallel universes. At the end of the epoch, it was time for the real Brahma to retire to sleep in his cosmic night. He got up early at the dawn of the next epoch, said his morning prayers and began to meditate before starting his next cycle of creation. Just as he was meditating, he noticed in his mind the parallel universes under creation by these 10 brilliant sons of Indu. Brahma got depressed and confused as to what he should do now. He summoned a Sun from one of the parallel universes and wanted to know all about the mysterious competing creation.
The Sun narrated the story of the 10 young men and how they initiated their act of creation. Brahma sought the advice of the Sun on what he should do. Sun said: ‘There is nothing you can do about their creation. Just as you are creating the universe by sheer strength of your Mind and its capacity to concentrate, these young men have also attained the merit due to the tremendous efforts of their Mind(SANKALPA SHAKTI). Trying to destroy their creation is akin to attempting to destroy a reflection formed in a crystal or mirror.No one can destroy anything created by the power of the Mind just as one cannot destroy an image formed in a crystal. In any case what do you lose if they are engaged in their own creation? ”

Then Brahma asked,’Should I carry on with my work?’. The Sun replied – ” You gain nothing either by doing or not doing your act of creation. You are NOT creating because you get something in return. What will you gain by abandoning your natural function? Doesn’t the Sun’s light get reflected in a pool of water without the Sun nor water intending to reflect? Therefore, irrespective of what these young men are doing, you keep creating as many worlds as you wish, which is your natural function . There is beauty in doing what is natural to you. Wise men neither desire to act nor desire to abandon action.”
Listening to the insightful advice from the Sun, Brahma got back to his work of creation.

Saint Thyagaraja gave a similar message in one of his musical compositions. He said:
“Is my desire to sing in praise of Rama going to be fulfilled just because Valmiki had written wonderful poetry in the glory of Shrirama”.(He poses a rhetorical question,’NAA AASA TEERUNA?, meaning ‘Will my desire to sing in praise of the lord get fulfilled?)

The message is pretty simple and clear enough. Comparing and competing is NOT the way forward. Everyone of us is blessed with a unique talent(or a ‘skill set’ to use an IT jargon)and there is beauty and satisfaction in utilizing it to the full instead of comparing and feeling miserable.

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