A Wonderful Story from YOGA VASISHTA

Here is yet another gem of a story from YOGA VASISHTA. This story is all about conditioning of the mind. We all must have heard several lectures cautioning us against the dangers of mental conditioning. All great thinkers unanimously agree that a conditioned mind is the root cause of all human misery. But to be unconditioned is a tall order, considering that right from our childhood we are being brain washed continuously on every aspect of our life. This is the context in which I found the story interesting.
The story beautifully brings out the contrast between the two states – a conditioned & an unconditioned state. Here is an abridged version of the story:
Long time ago there lived a powerful demon called Sambara in the nether world. He had great magical powers and created a magnificient city full of living beings made of gold and beautiful looking swans made of precious stones. He also created his own celestial beings. In other words, he created a parallel Heaven which was in many ways superior to the real Heaven itself. Naturally the gods became envious of him. They wanted to kill him but the powerful demon was a terror to the gods. The gods, however, managed to kill the demon’s forces when the latter was asleep and away from the city.

Sambara got furious at this and created 3 demons(Daama,Vyala, Kata). They were exact replicas of himself with the only difference that they were robot-like projections. Sambara sent his army led by his three Robot-like projections to fight with the Gods. Fierce battle ensued in which both sides suffered heavy casualities. However, the 3 demons of Sambara fought so well that the gods had to flee. Feeling helpless, the gods approached the creator Brahma and sought his help. Brahma, instead of helping, gave a long lecture on the merits of Sambara’s demons: “Sambara’s army led by the 3 demons can’t be defeated because they are robot-like projections with no feelings. They are fearless, have no preconceived notions and no belief system. They have no doubts in their minds and are enjoying complete freedom. For that matter they don’t know what is war, victory or defeat. In other words they are completely unconditioned and therefore invincible”.
The Gods got frustrated with the lecture and wanted to know what was the way out. Brahma then advised the gods as follows: “Keep engaging the demons in repeated wars, but wisely retreat each time. By fighting the wars repeatedly, some ego sense will gradually arise in the three  demons. The sense of ego in turn will create latent tendences(‘VAASANAAS’) and psychological conditioning in them.

Once conditioning sets in, they will become weak, fearful of death, confused to fight etc. You must take that opportune moment to strike hard without let up and surely victory will be yours”.
Needless to say, the gods implemented the game plan suggested by Brahma and eventually emerged victorious.

The story beautifully illustrates how conditioning can make a huge difference between victory and defeat in any field of endeavour. Isn’t it then worth making an effort?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I read the story to Sahaana and she was quite intrigued. đŸ™‚

  2. It’s indeed a nice story to tell children – you may have to add some spice to make it interesting to them.

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