Of Birds, Cows & God’s Creation

The Master said: “Acceptance of what is, is the key to Happiness”
The philosopher disagreed and said: “How can one accept the world when there are so many imperfections in the God’s creation?”
“Imperfections like…what?” inquired the Master.
The Philosopher said: “Look at the birds, for instance, which are flying so elegantly… but what is the earthly use of these birds. Instead, God should have created Cows with wings. They are so useful to the world and their ability to fly will only add to their usefulness”.
The Master merely kept silent and didn’t respond.
Just as the philosopher made these remarks and settled down to relax, a bird flying above shat right on his head.
Instantly, wisdom dawned on the philosopher and he exclaimed:”Sorry, God, You have done the right thing in NOT providing wings to the Cows…. one can’t imagine a world with cows flying all over and….!”.

Little do we understand the grand design of the Almighty in creating the world. We can never fathom the profundity of the creation in all its beauty and complexity. Trying to apply limited power of our logic will only expose our stupidity!

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