And Now the 3Cs for the Consumers to Counter Marketing Gimmicks

The 3 Cs I am talking about are: COLLECTION of Data/ information/knowledge, CAMPAIGN and make a wise CHOICE.

Subsequent to my post on the present day Marketing gimmicks about a couple of weeks back (title: “3Cs of Modern Day Marketing”), I got a feed back saying that I ought to give solutions to the readers instead of simply complaining about Marketeers. While I don’t claim to have all solutions, here are some thoughts based on my understanding:
Vegetable Oils: As I suggested in my post, any oil other than Coconut or palm oil should do. It is better if it is simply a double filtered oil instead of a refined one which is being aggressively promoted in the market. Most importantly, one needs to change cooking habits. As far as possible, vegetable should be either steam cooked or water cooked and oil should be used only towards the end for finishing operations with a few spices, using a low flame. This will limit the temperature and time of exposure of oil to heat, ensuring that the oil is kept in a healthy condition. I believe that in the West they use an oven (operating at no more than 175deg centigrade, as against the direct flame temperature of more than 350 degC used in India. Microwave may be even better than an electric oven)

Shampoos & Moisturizers: These are modern inventions of the cosmetic industry. One is better off minimizing their usage since we don’t know the long term effects of these on the skin. It is important to wash and rinse off shampoos effectively from the scalp immediately after application. The debate among scientists on the side effects of the detergent used in shampoos(sodium lauryl sulfate)and moisturizers is inconclusive. I would rather not present those complex issues here. As far as moisturizers are concerned, I find that application of good old coconut oil before taking bath works equally well. It also gives one a ‘feel good’ experience of having used a natural product. It is also a cheaper alternative.

Hair Dyes: The less I talk about these the better! I have only one question to ask of people who can’t live without hair dyes. Why can’t we accept the natural ageing process and accept ourself as we are? If you must use a hair dye, you have to wait for a genuinely ‘herbal’ or natural dye. I have seen some brands which claim they are ‘natural’ but a close look at the ingredients revealed the presence of harmful chemicals.

Pain Relief tablets: My personal experience is that a head ache is best countered by a strong Tea or Coffee followed by a long walk in fresh air. If it doesn’t subside, only then take a simple Crocin tablet instead of a ‘Crocin Pain Relief’ tablet.
In this post, I limited my discussion to just a few products of immediate interest to me. There is a lot more to know and learn on a variety of consumer products for all of us in order to make wise choices.

Going forward, I think there is a strong case for simplifying life for the humanity. Look at the energy crisis and Global warming threats today. It is caused by human greed which led to excessive consumption of energy and consumer goods for almost 2 centuries. Nature teaches us to be simple. The message from Nature is quite blunt: “Live a simple life without harming Me, or else…….. face the consequences”.

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