The Story of an invincible Minister (Source: Yoga Vasishta)

Here is an interesting story which brings out a very fundamental Truth in the simplest possible manner:

Once there was a king who was always at peace with himself and in complete bliss. He had a minister who was very powerful. The minister did everything on behalf of the king. He was ignorant and never enjoyed anything. He was capable of bringing about what didn’t exist and also very good at altering reality so that he could spread sorrow all around. He would not allow anyone to approach the King. If at all anyone wanted to reach the king, he had to first conquer the minister, which was impossible, given his strength.  The minister was generally intent on working on his own agenda, although his  power was essentially drawn from the king. And he did everything for the sake of the king, assuming that it was his duty to keep the king in bliss without being disturbed .  No one could face him including the gods.  If anyone conquered the minister somehow,  everything was conquered because he would instantly get the audience of the king himself. On the other hand, but if one didn’t succeed in conquering the minister, nothing was conquered.

There were very few lucky ones (let us refer to them as  ‘LO’  for want of a better word) who were able get an audience to the king and they revealed a secret with regard to the minister. Everyone was curious to know this secret. Here is the dialogue between the LO & the UO (Unlucky ones):

‘LO’ said: Folks, the minister is utterly powerless and will in fact flee the moment you are able to  see the king somehow.

‘UO’: How come?

LO: Because the minister can not exist or function in the presence of the king!

UO: But then, how can one see the king without conquering the minister?

LO: It’s a trick very few people are capable of. You have to befriend the minister and play with him and playfully subdue him; the moment he is under your control thus, you will see the king clearly.

UO: Then what happens?

LO: The minister loses all his powers and flees leaving you in the august company of the king! So the trick is to keep the minister under control and see the king. You need to work for that magical moment!

The story is metaphorical. Now the question is who is the minister and who is the king and by conquering the minister and seeing the king what is achieved? ‘Mind’ represents the minister while the king is represented by the ‘supreme self’. One achieves complete liberation by seeing the king!

Now read the story once again substituting the words as suggested and you will know the story is about all of us with our minds overpowering us!!

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