Dispelling Popular Myths about God Particle

Here is an imaginary conversation between Higgs Field(HF) & Higgs-Boson particle or the  God Particle (GP):

HF: Hi GP. How come I’m doing all the hard work and you are hogging all the limelight?

GP: It’s not my fault after all. I have a mere fleeting existence – perhaps a small fraction of a second. As you know, I decay very fast.

HF: Then who is responsible for all this falsehood ? You have no existence apart from me -you are born out of me and yet you get all the credit for imparting that all important Mass to everything!

GP: Ask that great Nobel Prize winner Leon Lederman, who coined the phrase – God Particle! Then the media readily gobbled it up and every one jumped on the bandwagon. And you know what happens when the media enters the ‘field’. It has ‘amassed’ so much credibility in the universe due to ‘mass’ following that they can make or unmake Gods!

HF: Do you at least understand the true picture?

GP: Of course I do. I know that you and you alone are responsible for imparting mass to all particles in the universe without which existence of life is impossible. I bow down to you with humility. But you know the media, inspired by some physicists, have distorted the  picture to such an extent that many people have even asked an innocent question: ‘ How come a fast decaying particle is able to impart mass?’

HF: You are right indeed.  I regret giving too much ‘mass’ following to the media! Even today, physicists don’t understand me completely. They only know I am just there right from the beginning and no process created me (except God?).

GP: Pray tell, what is the purpose of these physicists doing all these High energy experiments to generate me and then say they have created a unique particle?

HF: They have generated you from me only as a means of understanding me. These High energy collisions are being used to create  ripples in me so that particles like you are generated. The moment they see you and identify you, however fleetingly, they will have taken a small step forward in understanding my nature, which is very Complex indeed.

GP: Then do you think you are God, the Almighty?

HF: No, I’m myself a creation of God because I am not sure whether I existed before the Big Bang.

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