Jumping the Gun

A disciple comes to a master completely frustrated and disappointed. The conversation goes like this:

The Master: What is the cause of your immense frustration?

The Disciple: Master, I have tried very hard to follow the teaching of Ramana Maharshi. Didn’t he say that the best way for enlightenment is to keep contemplating on the question – Who Am I? ‘

The Master: Of course, yes. So what happened?

The Disciple: Closing my eyes, I began my inquiry in right earnest and put the question to myself.

The Master: What was the answer you got?

The Disciple: The answer I got was this:  “You are a liar, you have been consistently telling lies”.

The Master: Then what did you do? Did you continue?

The Disciple: Yes, I ignored that and continued my contemplation with the same query.

The Master: Was there any improvement?

The Disciple: No Sir. This time around the answer was even more disturbing. The voice said: “You are a hypocrite, a  jealous, intolerant & an angry person….”.  Sir, I have done this inquiry in all seriousness and sincerity. But it did not lead me anywhere.

The Master: Look, the Mind is only a mirror. It will only tell what you really are. Your Mind is filled with all these negativities. So the answers will necessarily be negative.

The Disciple: Does it mean then that Ramana Maharshi’s path of inquiry is not recommended?

The Disciple: No, there  is nothing wrong with the method. The problem is with you. You are jumping the Gun. Didn’t the same Maharshi also tell that you have to purify your Mind first? Purification of the Mind is the prerequesite for starting any spiritual SADHANA. The inquiry on  ‘Who am I’  will be effective only after purification of the Mind (ANTAHKARANA SUDHI).

The Disciple: Pray tell me, Master, How does one purify one’s Mind?

The Master: There is an interesting story I would like to narrate to explain how the Mind can be purified. We will discuss that next time.

Wait for the next post to read the story.

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