I Got 3 promotions – Said My Taxi Driver!

Last week I went to Baroda on business. On the way back I took a taxi from the airport. The driver turned out to be an interesting character. As soon as I got in, he greeted me and said: Narsingh sahab,Namashkar. I returned the greeting saying: Hasan Ali Khan Kaise Ho? In case you are wondering whether we knew each other before, you are mistaken. As you will have guessed, it is the power of the modern technology, which made it possible. As soon as one books a MERU cab, the name of the passenger with the  mobile number is transmitted to the driver by SMS while another SMS with the driver’s details is sent to the passenger.

As I settled down in the car, the driver was keen to strike up a conversation. I was equally keen too.  The driver said: ‘Saheb, I am from UP’ and without further questioning added: ‘Saheb, I got 3 promotions in life so far’.

Me: What promotion? What are you talking about?

Driver: My first promotion was when I left my UP village for Mumbai’.

Me: Where did you land in Mumbai & what were you doing to make a livelihood?

Driver: I was living on the streets of Masjid (near Crawford Market) and was employed as a labourer pulling carts, loading & unloading materials, making 4000 rupees per month.. After a couple of years of hard work, I became a driver with a tourist taxi company in Thane. That was my second promotion, sir

Me: Then what happened?

Driver: I worked for one year roaming around the country, driving day & night. I used to make about ten thousand bucks per month. This was my second promotion. I got tired of travelling day& night and now for the past one year I am working with Meru Cabs. This is my third promotion.

Me: How is it a promotion?

Driver: Now I drive an AC vehicle from 8am to 9pm and make about 12000 rupees. I am the boss of my timings – I drive if I feel like. Otherwise, I will simply relax parking the car under the shade of a tree. Absolutely no tension. I also shifted my family to Mumbai,sir.

He gave me a break-up of how he made 12000 rupees pm.

I was amazed at his simplicity and his great sense of contentment. His contentment arises from the fact that he is NOT comparing himself with anyone. He is merely concerned with his own life and improvements. What a refreshing contrast to my day long business meeting in Baroda where we were discussing strategies and counter strategies on how to increase our market share, browbeat competition, somehow show growth in top line and bottom line  every quarter! I guess competition and contentment are inversely related. Clearly, contentment is not a product of education – it’s simply a state of mind which some people are blessed with by virtue of their simplicity.

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