In Search of Ignorance!

You might be wondering who on earth is going in search of ignorance. Everyone talks about pursuit of  knowledge & excellence rather than ignorance. It will perhaps sound even more intriguing if I tell you that scientists are the ones in search of ignorance. Consider what William Philips the Nobel Prize winner in 1997 said recently when he was asked about the future of Particle Physics.This discussion came up in the context of the recent big discoveries on HIGGS BOSON PARTICLE. Someone asked whether the field is now saturated offering very little scope for further research. The scientist said: ‘On the other hand this is only the beginning. Look at what we still don’t know’.

‘All the stars, planets and galaxies that we see today make up just 4 percent of  the universe. The other 96 percent is made of stuff none of us can see, detect or even comprehend’.

This massive and mysterious part of the universe is called dark matter & dark energy. Astronomers infer their existence although they continue to elude detection. Scientists are always fascinated and inspired by the existence such areas of ignorance, which is so huge. Interestingly, Ignorance is the source (driver) of knowledge at least in science! I guess the same principle holds in the sphere of spirituality too. Recognition of the existence of our Ignorance is the first baby step in our journey towards attainment of knowledge.

Talking of ignorance and human beings, do you know the origin of creation of human beings? Here is my funny story on this. Brahma, the creator, created the Universe consisting of the Sun, the Moon and several planets, Brahma Loka, Indra Loka, Patala loka etc and finally the Earth. Somehow the last thing he created turned out to be the best with great seas, flowing rivers, tall & majestic mountains, mind-blowing valleys, wild forests and so on. Then animals were created which further added to the beauty of the planet. There was greenery everywhere and abundance of everything for the animals to survive. The Devas saw this wonderful creation and wanted to migrate to Earth en masse leaving behind their worlds. But that was against the intentions of the creator.  Therefore Brahma consulted Vishnu and sought His advice.Vishnu said: I have an excellent idea. The best way to nullify the beauty of the Earth is to create the Earthlings – the Humans. Brahma said that may still not solve the problem. Vishnu paused for a moment and added: You create the humans and give them FREE WILL.

Brahma did precisely as He was instructed and the rest is History. The Devas were never again tempted to migrate to the Earth!

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