Shedding One’s Identity

Recently I attended a music concert organized by ‘Banyan Tree’ in Mumbai. The artists were all great individually –  SujatKhan on Sitar, Ganesh Kumaresh on Violin( carnatic), Brooks on Saxaphone & Vikku Vinayakram on Ghatam. It was an experimental concert where several maestros were brought  together to share the dais. Before the concert began I was a little sceptical about how they would perform as a team. The reason for my scepticism was that I never had any great experience in the past of having enjoyed JUGALBANDIS. One such experience was way back in 1980s when I attended a jugalbandi concert involving two great stalwarts – Bhimsen Joshi & Balamuralikrishna. Individually they are great. But together, it was a great flop show! The reasons are not far to seek. Bhimsen Joshi had a lot of admiration for Balamurali and let him take as much time as he wanted to elaborate a RAGA. On the other hand, Balamurali was so obsessed with himself, he made very little effort to accomodate his partner. In other words, he dominated the entire show little realizing it was a Jugalbandi.

Let me now come back to where I started. The concert I attended last week was superb beyond expectations. How do I explain the success of the recent experiment of Banyan Tree? The Sitar Maestro Sujat khan set the tone for team work by suggesting that he would like to start the proceedings. With great humility he announced: “sab se junior artist se shuruwat karenge na!”. (let us start with the most junior artist!).This statement put at rest any thought of rivalry among the artists and the results were there for all to see. They supported each other admirably and gave a grand performance as a team.

This is true of all our endeavours in life. If we want to achieve something substantial, we need to shed our egos and  rise above our petty selves.

Here is a story ( I heard this recently on a TV channel) which nicely drives home this message. A river was flowing with great speed to join the sea, which is its  destination. On the way it encountered a desert full of sand, which was blocking the flow and sucking all the water, thus  preventing the river from reaching its destination. The river tried very hard to overcome the difficulty by using its entire force. It didn’t succeed. Exasperated, the river asked the desert: ‘Pray, tell, how do I reach my destination. Is there a way out at all?’.  The desert replied: ‘ Of course there is a way out. All you have to do is to use my heat and evaporate. In the vapour state, you can fly into the sky and help increase the moisture saturation in the cloud. Use the wind to be swept away above the sea. Then use those favourable conditions to precipitate as rain water.’

Thus the river should be ready to shed its identity as  ‘liquid water’ by using the adverse conditions of the desert itself and reach its final destination.  Shedding one’s identity is the key to success!

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  1. Thought provoking key to success

  2. thinking out of the box…good one.

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