Where Logic Fails………Faith takes Over!

I had an interesting experience last week which was somewhat thought-provoking. It has to do with my trip to Tirupati. We (myself & my wife) reached Tiruchanoor, a small temple town near Tirupati on13th November. We rested overnight at my father-in-law’s place and decided to visit Tirumal on the following day which happened to be a Diwali Day. We left home by 6am sharp and reached Tirupati Town Bus stand in 15minutes to catch a bus to go uphills. As we got off the Autoriksha, my wife gave me a surprise. She said she decided to go uphills by walk. Since that was not our original plan, I protested. I said: ‘If you wish to spend your Diwali on the steps of Tirumala, so be it! I am going to take the bus, enjoy my special privilege as a senior citizen, have a quick darshan of Balaji and get back home well before lunch time’. She wasn’t quite pleased with my remark and nevertheless proceeded with her plan.

Now, guess who reached home first and at what time? Of course, myself, right? NO…. surprise of surprises, my wife reached home by 12.30pm while I reached as late as ….. 4pm!! I am not kidding. That is the fact. This is how it happened.

We parted our ways around 6.15am. I boarded a waiting bus while my wife started her walk. I reached Tirumal in 45 minutes around 7.30am. As soon as I reached, I heard an announcement over the speaker saying that the Darshan to the public on that day would begin only by 10am due to some other special pujas for the Lord on account of the festival. Nevertheless, I went to the Senior Citizen Q and decided to register my name and age proof documents. I had to stand for 2 long hours to get my turn for registration. After the long wait, they had one good look at my PAN card and pushed me out unceremoniously saying that I needed to wait for 4 more years to claim the privileges as a senior citizen. Little did I know that the Temple authorities have a different yard stick to qualify as a senior citizen. (They recognize senior citizenship only after completing 65 years of age) . Having wasted 2 hours in the wrong Q, I proceeded for 300Rs ticket around 11am and ended up standing for another 3 hours, almost till 2pm.  After Darshan, I got back to Tiruchanoor around4pm for my lunch! In contrast, my wife reached uphills by 9am, finished darshan by 11am and got back by 12.30pm. My delayed return had them all worried at home.

All this is mere narration (not an explanation) of how the most illogical thing had happened! How does one react to this happening?

Here is what my rational Mind said: Oh, this is just one of those days when nothing fell in place. You had yourself to blame in standing in the wrong Q and wasting 2 hours. That was also a day on which 300Rs ticket Q (my Q) moved slower than the 50 Rs Q, which was my wife’s Q. How does one explain this?  50Rs tickets are sold  for people who plan in advance and not many would plan a trip to Tirupati on a Diwali Day, after all.  And Rs300 tickets are sold on the spot for the sake of people who go to the shrine without a prior plan. On that day, this crowd turned out to be much bigger, thwarting all my well-laid plans! (My wife could get into 50Rs Q as a privilege for walking uphills).

On the other hand my believing Mind said: Man proposes while God disposes saying, ‘You tried to reach me by a short-cut and even tried to influence my devotee against climbing the Hill by walk’.

The philosopher in me said: God, the almighty is perhaps  sending a message: You can’t reach Me by logic nor by spending money. You can experience Me by emptying your Mind by pure devotion alone, reflecting the famous Upanishadic lines: YATO VAACHO NIVARTANTE APRAAPYA MANASA SAH……

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  1. All bets are off in Tirupati! Lord Venky likes his little joke once in a while 🙂

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