When (False) Knowledge Protects Ignorance…….

This is a story of Darkness and Sun. Once Darkness approached God and complained : ‘Oh, Lord, Sun is chasing me incessantly and I have been running like hell to save myself. Do talk to the Sun and make sure I get some relief from this relentless chase’. God assured that he would look into it. Then He confronted Sun and asked him why on earth he should trouble Darkness. Sun replied innocently: ‘Oh, Lord, I don’t understand what you are talking about. I don’t even know who this fellow is. Please get him over here. We will certainly resolve the issue’.

God nodded His head and went off smiling. And it seems the case is still pending!!

Isn’t this the story of most of us. We are full of ignorance and take every care to protect the same with false knowledge based on ego. Ignorance is never a problem. The problem arises only when it is kept wrapped up and protected by false knowledge. Pure ignorance is like the innocence of a child and this would simply disappear the moment pure knowledge comes in contact like the light of the Sun removing darkness instantly. Therefore, we may go on studying scriptures or listen to philosophical discourses but it never makes any impact on our lives.  For instance Bhagavadgita was revealed in a battlefield where lacs of people were present including Arjuna. But what was the impact it made on the lives of the men who listened? Very little. It is the same scripture- same Lord- same teaching for millions of people. For Arjuna it helped establish Dharma. For Sanjaya it was an opportunity to get enlightened. For Dhritarashtra it was like rain falling on a solid rock. For Hanuman, who was already enlightened, it merely helped to conclude that Krishna is no other than Rama in a different form.(it seems Hanuman was present in the form of flag KAPIDHVAJA on Arjuna’s chariot).

The scripture made the highest impact on people who were open to the Lord’s teachings and didn’t attempt to protect their ignorance with false ego. For the rest who didn’t open up their mind, it was a mere entertainment!

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