Lord Dattatreya & His Modern Day Gurus

According to our scriptures Lord Dattatreya is an incarnation of the Divine trinity Brahma, Vishnu & Siva. He famously declared that he had 24 Gurus, meaning that He treated everybody under God’s creation as his Guru. I am sure He would have added 3 more Gurus to His list based on the recent findings of Scientific research.

Who are those Gurus & what do they teach?

They are…………the Flu Virus, Honeybees and Fungus/Algae.

Here are the scientific stories of these 3 Gurus:

Virus & Time Sense:

Incredible as it may sound, a flu virus can teach us the sense of time, which we humans lack very badly. Here is an amazing scientific insight on this. During the last winter (in the year 2012) there was a widespread infection of flu virus in the USA. This led to intensive studies on the flu virus. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center discovered that the flu virus can tell time. How do we know?

The flu virus knows how long it should park itself in a cell to do the damage and yet survive. A very short stay would mean they cannot spread the disease while a very long stay would surely lead to their death as our immune system will find and kill it. The virus works with clockwork precision using its internal clock, completes its job of spreading the disease by making copies of itself and gets away at just the right time! (Now that the smart mechanism of the virus is known, scientists will find means of outwitting it!)

Honeybees & Democracy:

The second story is on Honeybees democracy. A bee teaches us about how to take decisions democratically. For all our claims of democracy we are still far away from its genuine practice.

Recently, Science magazine reviewed a book titled HONEYBEE DEMOCRACY written by Tom Seeley. When a new queen is raised and about to take over in a honeybee hive, her predecessor departs along with its entourage of approximately 10,000 workers. Rather than chaotically searching around for a new place, the bee swarm does something remarkable. The swarm acts in a sense like a single being. It pauses, collects information carefully considering its options and then makes a  decision about where to move. Several hundred scouts travel as much as 70km2 area, successful groups return to the swarm and advertize locations of their discovery. After initial disagreements, a unanimous decision is taken. They may take time but there is no inordinate delay as that would mean a disaster for the group. The most interesting feature of their decision-making process is minimizing the influence of a leader and empowering the scouts. Don’t we humans have something to learn from the honeybees?

Fungus/Algae: The third story is on the organisms Fungus & Algae. A Fungus tells us we can add value using the most useless things. Fungus can eat the most useless and inedible biomass known on our mother earth ( cellulose) and converts it to alcohol fuel, which is highly valuable.

How about Algae? Algae, as many would know, is just an open pond scum. Alive or dead, it is highly useful. It is perhaps the most ancient species to originate on the earth millions of years ago. Eventually it got buried and fossilized. These fossils got transformed to crude oil under extreme conditions of temperature & pressure. While dead Algae proved its worth after millions of years, live Algae  has been successfully used by scientists to convert CO2 to fuels with the help of sunlight.

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