From the Sublime To the Ridiculous!

I wonder what life would be like without visits to the country side from time to time. Urban life is monotonous and energy sapping. It is for this reason that I love my frequent getaways to a place called Mahad on the Goa road, where one of our factories is located. These are essentially business trips but to me they are worth much more than that – it’s completely rejuvenating. Mahad is a small town about 180 km away from Mumbai on the picturesque Goa Road. Our factory and guest house are surrounded by hills all around and there is a river flowing close by. I love my early morning walks and drives along this road. Typically, I would finish my job on the day of arrival, stay overnight in our guest house and drive back to Mumbai on the following day morning. Last week I did one such trip which was indeed exhilarating. It was slightly foggy at 6 am as we started our journey. There was a bit of drizzle and so the roads were slightly wet. The winding roads ran parallel to a river for a few kilometers and then we drove through green fields on either side, thick jungles and the ghats in succession. The spectacular cascading water falls far and near further contributed to the mystical experience. The drive before sun rise was an out-of-the-world experience with the misty mountains appearing now and vanishing the next moment under heavy fog!
To add to the great experience, I put on music by Hariprasad Chourasia on the flute. His divine Drupad nicely blended with the natural scenes outside.The flute was followed by soulful violin from Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu. His famous Ragam-Thanam-Pallavi simply transported me to a spiritual high. I have uploaded this piece here for you to enjoy!
The 3-hour road journey was more like an exciting spiritual journey. That is the power of Nature and Music together at their best!
As they say – All things good or bad have to come to an end after all! So, I finally landed in Mumbai. What a contrast – from the raw beauty of nature to the man-made ugliness called a city, from the captivating and natural jungle to the repelling concrete jungle.People and cars multiplied in numbers as we approached the city. Wading through the city traffic, I reached my office and soon settled down at my desk. Inevitably, I turned my attention to mundane activities – reviewing targets, number crunching, customer complaints, strategies to counter competitors, managing customers, managing people etc. What a fall! The corruption of the mind from its pure and serene state was complete – the fall from the sublime to the mundane and the ridiculous!


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