One God Versus Many Gods

This is an incident narrated by a swamiji in a discourse to emphasize the point that logic can blind one’s wisdom as it can be used to justify anything. A Christian was chatting with the Swami and here is how it went:
Christian: Don’t you Hindus worship several Gods?
Swamiji: Yes – Siva, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, Ganesha, Indra, Varuna…. the list goes on
Christian: Won’t it lead to tremendous confusion?
Swamiji: No
Christian: “Let me tell you what happened to a Hindu friend of mine – He was caught in a flood and was about to get drowned. He was in great panic and cried out for help from Lord Krishna first. Even as the Lord Krishna was about to stir out for help, the guy called out Rama. As the Lord was preparing to go, he called out for Ganesha. In the end, none could help him and the poor man got drowned. On the other hand, this guy’s friend, who is a christian, was also caught in a similar situation and he kept pleading, ‘Jesus save me’. Instantly, Jesus acted without any confusion. A log of wood came floating in the water with the help of which he rescued himself to safety. This is what happens if you have so many Gods”. The Christian concluded his story on that note.

Swamii paused for a while and asked: When did this happen?
Christian said it happened on a certain Friday in Newyork. Then the Swamiji said: Let us say, it happened at 5pm. Just imagine another calamity had taken place at the same time in Boston, Washington and a few other places and several people had called out for Jesus to rescue. Where would your Jesus go? If he goes to rescue one, the others would die helplessly. In such a situation, Hindu Gods would share the work load and rescue all!
The christian was instantly silenced.
Although one logic was used to outwit another logic, both are flawed. The fact of the matter is that Hindus worship one or rather the only God, who is invoked in many names and forms. Each name and form represents a Devata endowed with a certain aspect of glory and power.

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