My first Outing in San francisco

My friend from Chicago tells me that if there is one city which should not be missed in the US, it’s San francisco(SFO). He was surely exaggerating when he added: This is the only city worth visiting in the US.  As I reached SFO, I figured that one needs more than a couple of days to cover all places of tourist interest. Unlike many metros in the US, SFO has a fairly decent public transport. Nevertheless, my daughter and son-in-law accompanied us for our first outing in the city. We live in the southern part of SFO in a suburb called Mountain View and the city is up north about 50 miles away or an hour away from where we live. We packed our lunch and left at about 9.30am. Our first stop was an interesting flower market in the downtown area. We walked through several shops where exotic flowers were on display. The colourful  display of flowers was a treat to watch and one could sense and feel the passion with which the vendors presented their plants. Here are a few sample pictures:


IMG_6959.CR2 IMG_6986.CR2   IMG_6967.CR2 IMG_6972.CR2   IMG_7004.CR2

Next we went to visit the famous Lombard street, which is  considered a must for all tourists. And what is it famous for? …..It’s famous for being crooked! It was fun walking along the street which is very steep to climb. The small stretch of one block has 8 hair-pin bends! One wonders how the residents manage to live in such a street which attracts hundreds of tourists everyday. The photo below tries to capture the slopy twists and turns of the street: IMG_7019.CR2   IMG_5902.CR2

We then relaxed at a well-known tea shop called Samovar tea lounge which specializes in serving the famous OOlong tea besides Indian Masala Chai. We set out to visit a place called Presidio. This place was originally a Spanish military base (a couple of centuries back) and now converted to a National Park. It was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the downtown. We walked around and then settled down in a cosy corner to eat our packed lunch. As you can see from the pictures below, there is a huge lake in front and in the background there are buildings with an open architecture. The open space and the open architecture afford celebration of  events like marriages. In fact we found an Indian marriage being celebrated at the time of our visit. Here are a few photos taken at the place:



IMG_7026.CR2   IMG_7028.CR2   IMG_5921.CR2   IMG_5910.CR2   IMG_5908.CR2   IMG_5913.CR2

Then we drove to the major tourist attraction in SFO, which is, the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the world’s first suspension bridge built way back in 1920s. We took a walk on the foot path along the bridge. The scenic place provides enough photo opportunities: IMG_7031.CR2       IMG_7034.CR2     IMG_5926.CR2   IMG_5927.CR2 IMG_5931.CR2


The last 2 pictures are not of the Golden gate. These are of San francisco – Oakland Bridge.

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