An intriguing Episode

It was close to 11pm in the night and I was getting ready to sleep. Just then my cell phone rang. I looked up and found it was my driver calling. Driver at this hour? What could it be for? Any issue with his family or something  else important? Or is it for informing me that he wouldn’t turn up the following day? I picked up the phone with anticipation. He said: hello sir – bada galti ho gaya mere se. Eh my nahin karna chahiye tha.  ( i committed a big blunder/crime. I shouldn’t have done this). He sounded highly repentent. I asked what was the matter and what did he do. He said: I picked up an expensive mobile phone lying  on the road near our car parked at Sapan nagar in the evening. He added further: is ki vajah my so nahi pa raha hum. isliye aap se bol raha hum. (I’m not able to sleep since this despicable act of mine is haunting me).

He confessed further: sir, phone baj raha tha sham ko, leking mai ne pick up nahin kiya (the phone was ringing all evening but I did not pick it up).

Obviously the owner of the phone was calling desperately hoping that some one would pick it up. I told him not to worry and go to sleep and undo the damage at the earliest on the following morning. I asked him to call up the owner if possible and inform so that he or she could sleep peacefully.

The following day he called up the owner duly and returned the phone. The owner was a lady who told him that the phone cost her Rs45000(obviously an iphone with all hi-fi features). She also told him she was more worried about the data stored in the phone than the phone itself. Anyway she thanked him profusely and gave him 500Rs plus a big box of chocolates. Later my driver narrated how happy the lady was to get back the phone and proudly showed me what he received from the lady as a gift in recognition of his honesty.

The episode highlights two things: By a simple switch of mental attitude from one of greed to fair play, one can transform a situation from being extremely restless to a mood of  celebration.  Don’t you think it’s entirely in our hands to make a hell or a heaven out of a given situation?

Secondly, what do I make of the episode? Should I condemn him for having shown initial greed which must have cost the lady a lot of mental agony and a sleepless night? or should I compliment him for his change of heart and confession? And more importantly should I keep trusting him the way I am used to for the past 7 years? I think I should.


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  1. Compliment him for the honesty,s win over his initial greed and continue to trust.

    • i completely agree with you

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