Misinterpretation of Scriptures – A True Story


This story is narrated by a friend of mine and he claims it’s authentic. One of his friends was living in Saudi Arabia with a Muslim as his room-mate. They were good friends. One day the Muslim saw his Hindu room-mate reading Quran seriously. Surprised, he asked: Are you sure you want to read Quran? Hindu: Why not? I would like to understand what precisely it says. The muslim was amused and let him read in peace for the next one month. At the end of one month the Hindu friend said: Okay, I have finished the text today. Muslim: Are you sure you have finished? Hindu: Yes indeed. Muslim: In that case, my dear friend, you have to become a muslim. The Hindu laughed it off thinking it was a joke. However, he was surprised when the Muslim persisted and repeatedly told him he had to take up Islam as his faith. When the Hindu protested, the Muslim said: According to Allah, if someone reads Quran and doesn’t practice the religion, he is deemed to be a traitor or a Kafir. And a Kafir has to be killed. Therefore, as a true Muslim, it is my duty to kill you! Since I’m your friend I don’t want to do that. So, please get out of this place at once!

The Hindu friend was horrified at the turn of events and soon left the place.

After narrating the story, my friend concluded: If I want to comment on Quran, I have to read the text. But if I say I have read the text, this is what is going to happen. Therefore, I cannot even claim to have read Quran!

The story is unbelievable but true! However I’m sure that this is a gross misinterpretation of Quran. I guess this is how fanatics are born.

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