Bathroom Singing

SOL or sing out loud in the bathroom will be my new motto, having experienced the joy of singing in the bathroom. What a great getaway a bathroom is for people like me who dare not attempt to sing otherwise. Why is bath room singing so enjoyable? It’s one place where one can enjoy complete privacy. Therefore, one can shed all inhibitions and sing at the top of voice, especially when one opens the faucet and lets water gush out into the bucket, completely drowning the sound of music to the outside world! Besides, there are other good technical reasons too which encourage one to indulge in SOL in a bathroom. The small room space with only tiles all around seems to offer nice acoustic environment with echos and reverberations. These features make the sound hang-in long after a note is made, making the music sound fuller and richer. The louder you sing the more pronounced is this effect. The echos and reverberations also have the effect of masking any blemishes in the pitch.

What about ‘Shruti’? No problem. The constant flow of water from the shower provides the background ‘shruti’.

I often found the ambience of bathroom just right to come up with creative phrases in a song. Is it because your mind is completely free from stress and therefore enjoys total freedom to create? Or is it due to the soothing influence of water on the mind?

Are there any hazards of bath room singing? You bet. I’m not kidding. Here is one real life incident, which happened recently. A close relative of mine was taking bath and all of a sudden the sliding glass door shattered to pieces for no apparent reason. Lucky for him, he got away with minor injuries. Everyone said it was a freak accident. I disagreed, though. I told my relative: You sure must have sung a note like the great musician Tansen with an unfaltering pitch and the purity of its frequency must have led to the shattering of the glass! (In case you have any doubt about my speculation, you must watch this youtube video showing what happens when you sing a high-pitched note corresponding to the resonance frequency of the glass.

So, when does a good bath room singer become a great bathroom singer? When he manages to shatter the glass shutter of his bath room!

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