Civilization is Converting Luxuries into Necessities!

Consider the sequence of events in a story pertaining to our housing colony:
-Our housing society decided to evict Vodafone along with their roof-top tower suspecting they were violating all radiation norms
-All Vodafone users faced communication black-out overnight
-The affected users in our society(they are in the majority)were up in arms against the management committee demanding that eviction notice be revoked immediately
– Management committee stood their ground and refused to oblige
– Nearly a year has passed since then and nobody even talks about it now

How did this happen? Has everyone got used to not having cell phone connectivity at home? Or have they switched over to other service providers? It’s a combination of both. In fact some guys did tell me they are happier without a cell phone connectivity at home.

The point of this story is that this is also the story of all our addictions.
We get addicted to facebook and especially its ‘likes’, to TV, and junk foods like Pizza,Burger, French Fries,Paani Puri etc till we reach a stage where we cannot live without them. This is civilization! It invents luxuries, do everything possible to get people addicted and then successfully converts them to necessities. Multinational companies thrive on this strategy.
Can anything be done about it? Can this be reversed? Very difficult. I started an experiment recently to see how one can do this at a personal level. The question I put to myself was – is it feasible to completely avoid the super-market culture as an individual? Let me share some results of my ongoing experiments:
1. I have completely stopped eating Chocolates, Biscuits, Pizzas,bread (and along with it butter/jam), and Indian junk foods like vada paav, Bhel Puri etc. This started as a drive toward health foods.
Before you conclude that I’m losing out on a number of simple pleasures, I must add that there are lots of interesting healthy substitutes even for one’s sweet tooth.
2. I started making my detergent powder and hand-wash liquid soap solution. These products from FMCG companies, especially the hand-wash liquid, contain harsh chemicals which can remove natural oil from our skin and make it dry if used repeatedly. My liquid soap formulations are based on good old soap plus a few safe natural ingredients. It’s easy to make at home. It’s also a very effective germicidal formulation.
3.Home-made shampoos and dish washing products are next on my hit list of FMCG products.

Of course, there is always a resistance at home to change over from commercial products. One has to carry along with these changes. The idea is to see if we can develop new healthy addictions to nature-friendly products in place of the dirty FMCG products.
I find that even with these limited changes, my dependence on super market will come down significantly. Apart from saving money, these are healthy options.

Are there any takers for these ideas? If anyone is serious, I’m ready to share my recipes.

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  1. very commendable to go against the brain-washed consumerism which keeps creating more garbage and makes people dependent.

    • thanks. this is a small beginning – still a long way to go.

  2. Hello Sir, liked your idea a lot! Well, I was right now thinking of shifting to Indian products rather than imported ones, should help in generating employment ,and came across this article! Truly thought provoking! Sir, could you please share the recipes, might as well give it a try! Thanks! Between like many of your articles, esp related to the one on the rituals, the one on the involvement of cat in the rituals!

    • sure – i will do so soon.

      • Thank you Sir!

      • Between Happy New Year and hope this year you enlighten us more! Thanks.

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