Musings on time

Yesterday, as I was going through my morning paper Hindustan Times, I came across a moving article about a young neurosurgeon from the US, who passed away recently at the age of 36 after an year long battle with lung cancer. He achieved a lot within a short life span and the secret of his achievement was passion for his work and a firm belief that there is no time in life for the inessentials. For instance, the expression – to live life to the fullest – amused him and did not make much sense to him.
Contrast this with what most of us do everyday. We somehow find time only for the inessentials.
Interestingly, on the same page, there was a quotation in the ‘Think it over’ column, which said: ‘If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of’. A good quote related to the article I read.

Having finished the middle page, I then turned to the magazine section to see what Calvin is up to in the cartoon strip. You won’t believe, but it’s again on time but in a funny way. It goes like this:
Calvin:Saturday is the best day of the week – No demands at all! perfect freedom! The whole day stretches before us with unlimited opportunity! And what better way to appreciate that opportunity than squandering it watching cartoons all day!
I loved this cartoon. It aptly describes our state of mind. Doesn’t it?
Okay, that was in the morning. In the evening, after my dinner, I opened my fb account and started scrolling down lazily. This time, not surprisingly, I found yet another post on the same topic. It says: ‘The whole point of the week is the week-end’! And needless to say there were a couple of ‘likes’.
It’s amazing how desperately we all look forward to week-ends so that we can kill time doing nothing in general!
In this context, I’m reminded of an old joke from the corporate world. HR department of a company organized a motivational seminar for the employees which went on for 3 days ending on a Friday. The guys in the seminar were great motivational speakers who stressed the importance of feeling passionate and whatnot. The following Monday, the boss asked an employee: How was the seminar? Employee: Great sir. Boss: So, what are you looking forward to now? Employee: Friday sir!
That sums up our philosophy of life. I think most of us are incorrigible.

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