A trip to remember – The Lake Tahoe in California

Last weekend we made a 2-day trip to a place called Lake Tahoe which is located along the border between California and Nevada. It’s a four-hour drive from San francisco where we are holidaying with my daughter presently.
Lake Tahoe is the sixth largest lake by volume in the United States.

The lake was formed about 2 million years ago and the modern lake was shaped during the ice ages. The place is a major tourist attraction as it is home to several ski resorts and trekking trails.The Nevada side has a large number of casinos.
The cool and crystal clear water of the lake is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges all around.
Our first stop was at Emerald bay which has several beautiful view points. Here are a few great sceneries:





Then we drove to a place called “Fallen leaf lake” nearby. It is serene and peaceful. Have a look at the place in the pictures below. Doesn’t it look like a huge nature-made amphitheatre?





I told my daughter – ‘look at the place. It has all the five elements in the right balance – the clear blue sky above, clear & cool water, gentle breeze, fire with just the right intensity of sun shine and finally the element earth represented by majestic hills on all 3 sides around us. I concluded: ‘This well balanced combination of the five elements, indeed, is the secret of the great experience we are having here’. My daughter said: ‘You’re missing the sixth element’. I asked her curiously what was it. She said: ‘The sixth element is the great Bissibela rice that we brought with us for our lunch’! I couldn’t agree more. Without a good lunch made by my wife, of what use is all this beauty of nature?

Then we went on a cable tram which took us to the high camp surrounded by snow mountains. Here are a few photographs taken from our cable tram and at high camp:





The place has a number of trekking possibilities too. We had a short trekking experience along a trail leading up to the lake. A photograph taken along the trekking path is here:


Finally, I must mention about our visit in the evening to a Casino on the Nevada side. It’s a world by itself. There is plenty of action all around. You can see the excitement of people as they make money. Drinks are being served continuously to celebrate winnings and to keep up the spirits of the losers. I played a few rounds of roulette and slot machine. I said to myself before playing: let me play this for the charity I’m supporting. Believe it or not, I made 300 dollars for an investment of mere 11 dollars! Here are a couple of photos of the casino we visited:


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  1. Lovely, glad that you could have a nice weekend and a winning one too. I was about to remind u that there are people looking forward to your blog. Goat that u could find time to pen yr thoughts with lovey photos. amid an with his charming smile is more attractive than the scenic beauty, which are overshadowed by the little fellows bewitching smile! Love Best wishes to H1Badri, Prabha, and you, and lots of love to Amudhan. Athimber

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