One video clip and three stories

View this funny video clip.

It’s about a grand son being coaxed by a grand father to get his share of whatever food the kid is mixing. The grand father is pleading to be fed and the boy steadfastly refuses to oblige till the very last second. The grand father doesn’t want to take no for an answer and keeps trying and trying till his ego is satisfied. It is a matter of pride and self-esteem on the part of the grand father who is out to prove that he is the kid’s favourite. This is what the simple video is all about.
Now let us see what stories one can make out of this:
My first story is this. Can we look at the child and the grand father as typical common man. You can see that both are self-centred and self-absorbed and do not care about each other. The child is not even acknowledging the presence of the grand father and the grand father, on his part, doesn’t care to find out why the child is so excited about the game he is playing. He is only interested in fulfilling his ego. So, the video can be interpreted as depicting the attitude of the self-centred and egoistic common man.

In my second story, the child represents a capitalist and the grand father the under privileged masses. The grand father is trying his best to get a share of his cake but the capitalist entrepreneur is not willing to share his wealth. The poor grand father representing the under privileged masses goes hungry until finally the greedy capitalist decides to throw crumbs at the hungry man as if to point out that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening due to lack of redistribution of wealth.

Story #3: How about the child representing God and the grand father a devotee greedily claiming his dues out of turn? The greedy man is constantly pestering God to give away goodies. He tries every trick including physically turning the kid’s head towards him to draw his attention. However, God knows when the guy deserves and would not budge until the devotee’s turn comes. In the video, one can see one good long pause from the kid before giving the grand father his due. God, after all, knows best when to give and when to withhold.

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