Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

True to the title of the post, I’ll say very little and let the following video clip and a photo speak for themselves. The video and the photo are that of my one-year old grandson shared by my daughter recently.
First view this link for the video clip:

The video shows the kid walking and falling repeatedly. Every time he falls, he gets up without any fuss and goes about his only job which is to walk. The video is not about how many times he falls but how many times he gets up having fallen! I guess it’s a great lesson for adults on how to handle failures in life.

Let me show you the photo now:

sleeping amudhan

My daughter has this to say on the photo:
”He was quietly sitting on my lap and listening as I talked to thatha on phone, and then put his head down calmly looking around peacefully for a long time. I sang ”suttum vizhi” and ”bhavayami” and he listened quietly. Then slowly started closing his eyes and fell asleep on my lap without any fuss. Here he is, fast asleep across my leg”.

She adds further: ”It is the most peaceful time I’ve had with him! I was away for a day and a half for a conference so he has been hovering around me since i got back this evening. Especially after dinner he has been content to just sit with me without needing to be entertained”.

I said to her:That is the real bliss – a state of total contentment, no wanting of any kind, just the two of you complete as one.

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