Personal Brands & Mahabharata

The famous management guru Tom Peters once said: “The brand is you – you lead you”. He says further: “Many see it as selfish/solo/ego-driven. But effective brand you is skill and network driven; that is, it is by and large selfless”.

Each one of us is born to be unique by design. Not realizing this, we keep imitating others as the society is always comparing and judging people. All successful people are known to identify their core strengths and work consciously to build on them. This is akin to brand building by companies. Your core strength is after all your brand and you only can nurture and lead. It has to be positive, passionate and powerful.

One can learn this fact from many characters in Mahabharata. Let us consider some of the well-known brands, if I may call them so. Bhishma is a brand for taking a vow and standing firm in the face of almost insurmountable hurdles. Today he is a shining example for one determined to lead a principled life. Yudhishtira is a famous brand for dharma. His attitude towards dharma is symbolized by his alternate name Dharmaraja which means one who protects dharma. Arjuna’s brand image is that of a warrior par excellence while his arch rival Karna is known for giving away all his possesions. He nurtured this quality consciously and wanted to be known as the most charitable person in the world. Draupadi’s image is that of a bold and beautiful woman who fought for her rights in the cruel men’s world. Kunti’s life is all a picture of a compassionate mother who sacrificed her life for the good of her children.

Even Duryodhana had a brand to project. He stood for evil. He was evil personified and he knew it all the way!

My last example is of Srikrishna, the author of Bhagavadgita. He is many great brands combined together. However, the one that inspires the most is the picture of a Jagad Guru, a teacher for the entire world. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to the entire humanity, not just to Arjuna.

Isn’t it time for us to take a leaf out of Mahabharata and build our own brands based on our unique qualities and strengths? Many of us are perhaps already doing it through our Facebook status postings!

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