Sweet Sixty!

A few weeks back, we had a business meeting with a US based Indian. It was a day-long meeting involving technical and commercial issues. As the meeting progressed, our guest from the US kept gulping several cups of black coffee to keep himself active. All the while I was firmly saying No to all caffeinated drinks. Instead, I preferred to keep myself hydrated with plenty of water. Surprised, my guest asked me: How come you do not drink any coffee or tea? I replied that I consciously avoid all caffeinated drinks. He was persistent: What do you do for fun, if you do not drink coffee or tea? I said: Look, I’m over sixty years of age and at sweet sixties, whatever I do is fun. Today’s meeting is fun. The fact that we are meeting today although we were strangers to each other only a few weeks back is fun. At the end of it all, if we close a business deal, that would be fun too.

Girls may hit their sweet spot at sixteen but men in my opinion have to wait till the age sixty to attain that status. Yes, my personal experience speaks! Reaching sixties is great for men indeed. First and foremost, you are recognized as a senior citizen and become eligible for several privileges. There are a number of other fringe benefits too. When you board a bus, for instance, youngsters treat you royally offering their seats. It works even better if you do not dye your hair.

Once I got into a long distance train without my photo ID. I was wondering how to handle the situation with the TTE. As the TTE approached me, I took out my ticket from my wallet and handed it over to the TTE with trepidation. To my great relief, it was my grey hair that saved the day. The TTE had just one good look at me (or rather my hair!) and all his doubts about my age vanished instantly!
Even in professional life,  one gets an undue advantage as grey has that unique association with wisdom. I suppose grey hair is often mistaken for grey matter! White may stand for peace and purity, black may be beautiful but grey is decidedly wisdom. Don’t ask me the logic.

I must share another secret of the sweet sixties. If you are a technical guy and in research, sixty is a great time to work. For one thing, you are through with your family responsibilities and therefore  not in a desperate need of a job. This allows you to dictate your terms with your employer. You can opt for flexible working hours and can even choose the number of days to work in a year. Not only that. The years of experience and expertise begin to pay off and one is able to deliver without much effort. Smart employers realize this and are more than happy to exploit your years of expertise. In that sense the sweetest spot in one’s career is perhaps when one touches sixty years of age.

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