On my recent Business Trip to Paris

Last week, as I was busying myself with packing stuff for my business trip to Paris, my granddaughter kept following me persistently with a couple of questions: Enna venum Thata; enna pannara?(what do you want, grandpa; what are you doing?). She found it funny to see me move from room to room picking things up for packing. I kept dodging her questions and at one point asked her mother exasperatingly to take her away from me and allow me to focus on my job.
I might have felt a little irritated to face the same set of questions repeatedly; however, I found it extremely useful to ask myself the same questions at every step in Paris. I used these questions as a mantra throughout my stay lest I should lose my way or forget my daily itinerary or miss out on important appointments and objectives of my visit. The value of this mantra, strangely coming from a 2 year-old kid, cannot be overstated in our daily lives. Don’t we often find ourselves doing things that have no relationship to what we want to achieve in life? These twin questions can indeed serve as a useful guide to do course correction in our lives.
Having started the blog on a philosophical note, let me now come down to earth and tell you something about the trip itself. Paris was exceptionally hot and dry last week. The delegates who attended the conference at the well-known palais des congress (place of meetings?)found it extremely difficult to keep themselves dressed up in their formal suits with temperatures soaring to an intolerable 36deg centigrade.
I had one evening free and was wondering what to do. My boss advised me to keep away from crowds while my niece told me not to venture into lonely or suspicious looking deserted lanes of Paris known for mugging. My sister said: You are safer in a 3-star hotel, not in posh hotels. A well-meaning friend of mine told me jokingly: keep away from the infamous Lido shows! I was also warned of the presence of Italian mafia in the city by another friend. With so many conflicting suggestions coming in, I decided to do my own thing. So, I defied my boss’s advice and went to see Eiffel tower by night which I missed seeing in illuminated light in my earlier visits to the city. It’s indeed a wonderful sight to watch in the night. Here are a couple of photographs of the illuminated tower.





The tiredness of standing in the long queues for security check, ticketing counters and elevators was forgotten once I got on to the tower.

On the topmost floor there was a surprise in store for the tourists. Besides the usual points such as the Seine river view or Champs- Elysees view and not to forget the several selfie points, there was a point for which several couples (married & unmarried) queued up laughing all the way. I was curious to see what it was. It turned out to be …… a point for kissing which is written in bold letters on the wall above. I must congratulate the tourism department for their great sense of humour.
On the penultimate day of the conference, we had a traditional cocktail party. Although there was nothing to look forward to in such parties for teetotalers like me, I still attended the party since the venue is a famous place in Paris. It’s called Cite de la mode et du design which is a City of Fashion and Design overlooking the Seine river. This is an old general Store-house converted into a new structure. It’s contemporary in design with a bold architecture. It houses a museum of contemporary art in comic books, live animation and video games.  I have taken a few pictures of this remarkable building from the other side of the river:




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  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } HiSridhar,I have a suggestion!On your retirement you can collate your blogs, cull through them , search and select (most of them will qualify) and publish them as a collection of your writings.Glad that you had a nice trip and enjoyed .The “Dvaya ” mantra from Sucharita can be applied as a guide to select the final collection of your random thoughts.With best wishesAthimber 

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    • Thanks, athimber. I like that reference to dvaya mantra.

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