Ganesha – The most Cosmopolitan among the Gods

My Ganesha is a Vaishnavite, said one showing the familiar mark of auspicious Tiruman on the forehead. Mine is a typical Shaivite with Vibhuti (sacred ash) spread out on the forehead, said another. Yet another quipped: ”My Ganesha can dance”, showing an idol with a dancing pose. My Ganesha does not mind wearing Jeans, said another proudly displaying a photo of an idol wearing Jeans.

I have not seen any Ganesha idol with Jeans except in a picture. However, here are a few pictures of various Ganesha idols which I am familiar with. Personally, I like the first picture with a simple decoration which looks extremely sathvik (calm & virtuous). This is from my niece.





You cannot have a more Cosmopolitan God than Ganesha ( I use the word cosmopolitan in the sense of belonging to all sections of the society). Everyone loves him irrespective of caste, creed or culture. Ever since Tilak popularized the so-called SARVAJANIC GANESH festivals(public celebration) way back in late 19th century, Ganapati idols have evolved in appearance and the mode of celebration has also changed significantly. Starting with very simple and Sathvic looking idols to the most modern and fashionable idols of today, the variations are mind-boggling. It is as if the Lord can fit into any description and any imagination of a person. There is no rigid dress code either. I’m sure if He were to choose to appear before us, He will not mind dancing to our crazy tunes. Not just that – He is as happy with His favourite MODAK (Kzhakottai in Tamil?) as He is with, say, Halwa or Rava Kesari or Laddus or any sweet made with jaggery. For instance, our Pillayar(Ganesha)loves Seera with Sundal. Seera is Rava Kesari and Sundal is made from chana or black chickpeas. He doesn’t mind anything that we offer as long as it is offered with devotion. It’s this flexibility that attracts and inspires millions to worship Him. In Mumbai, for instance, even Muslims are known to visit and offer prayers to SARVAJANIC Ganesha. Politicians of all hues support and generously donate money for the celebrations.

This Hindu God in a sense captures the spirit of Hinduism. The way Ganesh Chaturdhi is celebrated reflects the Hindu way of life and our understanding of God. God, for us, is not someone sitting up there in the Heaven deciding our fortunes in life. God is right here in our midst manifesting Himself in the form of universal laws & universal order. Indeed the laws, the order, the dharma are Him. He is inseparable from all this. In that sense Hinduism is not a religion. It’s a way of life. You may call God by any name, Eswara or Allah or Christ as long as our understanding is not flawed.

I have only one complaint against the celebrations, though. Tilak might have started Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsavs with Pandals (temporary structures); however, he would never have endorsed noisy celebrations or traffic jams.

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