Excitement over Newborn baby!

‘It’s a boy’ – wrote my wife on her FB status announcing the birth of our grandson to her FB friends & relatives. ‘Oh, boy’ – reacted one in excitement. ‘He shares my birthday’ – said another excitedly. ‘He shares my birth star’  – said yet another. ‘He is born on Navaratri Friday, a very auspicious day’ – exclaimed an elderly person. Another old relative of mine explained – ‘oh, his birth star is Moolam which is that of Manavala Maamuinigal, a great Vaishnavaite saint’.

I mentioned the last bit to my daughter & son-in-law. My daughter was curious and asked: Who is Manavala Maamuni? I replied: Oh, he is a famous acharyan(apostle) of Vaishnava tradition in southern India. She did not seem impressed,though. In a lighter vein she said: Moola Nakshatatula paranda valku Ponnu kudukka matalame ( I heard men with this birth star are not the preferred grooms for traditional girls’s parents). My son-in-law quipped: Appodana acharyana aga mudium (Oh, that will pave the way for sainthood!). My daughter reacted: No, this li’l fellow is definitely going to settle  for a love marriage, meaning he will pick his own mate.

The excitement was at its peak on the day one. I had to engage in conversations with several of my whatsup groups simultaneously. As I kept texting back & forth with my first daughter in the US and my sister-in-law in Doha in separate chats, my wife was irritated because I did not respond to her instructions to me. She protested saying: ‘You are obsessing over people living thousands of miles away and ignoring my instructions’. I protested feebly and said: Please understand I’m dealing with two super-excited girls – my daughter on the one hand and my sis-in-law on the other.

All this excitement was not exactly amusing to my nearly 3-year old grand-daughter. She seemed to be completely confused with several unanswered questions: Where has this li’l fellow come from all of a sudden. Why is everyone excited? How come my dad comes and goes every now and then. How is it that my mom goes away suddenly one day to a hospital and returns home with a baby whom she is feeding all the time and ignoring me. Her curiosity is only partially fulfilled when we explained to her that the “kutty papa”(the li’l one) is soon going to call her akka(big sis). She found that part of the story entirely to her liking.  However, she seemed to have mixed feelings about the whole thing, showing excitement and resentment alternately.

It’s amazing how a new arrival in a family – that one li’l fellow – can cause so much excitement all around. Now we are settling down with a routine where each one of us has to shoulder multiple roles. As they say – After the ecstasy, the laundry!

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