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I am C.S.Narasimhan.  After completing my Ph.d in Chemistry from IIT Madras,spent a few years in Europe & USA before settling down in India. Presently heading Technical function at Savita Chemicals in Mumbai. Besides my profession, I am keenly interested in Carnatic music, Study of Philosophy,Yoga & Meditation.

Published on August 31, 2008 at 5:27 pm  Comments (11)  

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  1. Hello Dr. Narsimhan,

    My name is Asha and I came across your blog when I was searching for Mumbai University’s transcript office. Like your daughter, I too am in the US and I am in a situation where the University here requires official transcripts from Mumbai University. I have to trouble my parents in India to do this.

    Can you please let me know where the office is currently located? I remember it being located near Churchgate station (near Sydenham college, I believe). Also, if you have the phone number of the transcript-issuing office, it would really help me out. Please fee free to reply at asha_s4@yahoo.com

    Best regards,

  2. Very good blog. Please Keep writing and sharing your knowledge and experiences..

  3. Very interesting anecdotes and travel experiences. I enjoy reading them

  4. Big fan of your blog. Keep writing sir

    • Thanks, Anand

  5. Namaste!
    Respect and greeting!
    I am a musician (tabla player) and interested in meditation and healing. I came across your blog when I was searching for mridagam player in Tirupati ?!?
    Strange but I am glad I did.
    It is so heartening to see someone obserinvg life and people with a clear and objective vision more so to see that you are taking out time to share it.
    I have read the incidents with 2 taxi driver and a professor.
    The emphasis on “being” is often ignored and thinking and doing are overestimated to the extent that idea of just being in “I am” state makes people uncomfortable.
    Your observation and examples beautifully give a balanced perspective.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • thanks for your observations

  6. Chanced upon your blog and i am glad that i did. I have spent the past two hours reading your posts, one by one, and it’s been a pleasure. I must say it has been a worthwhile saturday… Thanks

    • thanks

  7. Please could you mail me…its about Saint Thyagaraja

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