Post-Truth and Jallikattu Debate

Oxford dictionary declared Post-truth as the word of the year 2016. Post-truth refers to circumstances where emotional appeals rather than objective facts shape public opinion.The prime example is the US presidential campaign in 2016 and now one can see it in full demonstration in the agitation in Tamilnadu .

Here are the blatant lies, Half truths & Myths related to the Jallikattu agitation:

  1. PETA is in collusion and conspiracy with Multinational Companies to finish off the local breeds used in Jallikattu so that the latter can sell their breeds in India.This is a completely imaginary story spun out of desperation by agitators.
  2. Jallikattu represents Tamil Culture? No way. This is a myth. A true Tamilian would  rather be proud of their ancient art & architecture in  temples, their rich literature etc. A Tamilian should, in fact, feel  ashamed of evil practices like Jallikattu.
  3. Do the imported Jersey Cows produce the harmful A1 milk as claimed in Social media like FB or What’s up? Again this is a blatant lie. According to the reports published by The National bureau of  Animal genetic resources, Jerseys produce only A2 milk, not A1 milk as claimed in the social media.  Among Indian breeds the bureau reported that Gir, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Sahiwaland, Tharparkar  produce 100 percent A2 milk. However, the breed Kangayam which is the most prominent breed used for Jellikattu does not seem to figure in the report.
  4. Is A1 milk positively harmful? The claims of harmful effects of A1 milk are highly controversial. In fact in 2009, European Food Safety Authority, which is a highly reputed body, reviewed the published literature and concluded that the findings are inconclusive. The conclusions are tentative and based on mere epidemiological studies of patterns and correlations in different populations. Clearly, deeper clinical research needs to be done to come to conclusions. .

Do not take whatever I say on its face value. If anyone is interested, I can provide scientific references to support my conclusions.

The media is so full of half-truths and lies that the truth is deeply buried hidden from the inquisitive lay public. What a shame! A group of misguided youth could whip up  raw emotions of the gullible public who rallied behind them in thousands on the marina beach in Chennai.

The truth is that there is big money at stake in Jallikattu. For the sake of big money and cheap entertainment, people are willing to go to any length to have their way. As someone said in jest, the mark of a reasonable person is to find a reason for any unjustified cause!

In the heat of the emotionally charged atmosphere, has any of the practitioners of this cruel practice considered the bull’s point of view? Why would they? They have such a blinkered view of the issue they cannot see but their narrow version.

According to the old tradition, the winner even gets to marry the daughter of the bull owner.The sport is purely meant to showcase masculinity and arrogance. I believe, these days very few women come and watch the show.

Even if it’s part of our culture, we should take pride in putting an end to such cruel practices instead of resisting the change through blatant lies and half-truths.




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