A Zen Master, JK and Thyagaraja in an imaginary Conversation

Here is an imaginary conversation between Thyagaraja, JK and a Zen Master in presence of a common man in the aftermath of the gruesome killing of Osama Bin Laden:

The scene starts with the zen master pouring tea into a tea cup. He pours and pours till the cup overflows – in fact he doesn’t stop pouring even after the cup starts overflowing. The common man is not amused. He stops him with a protest. The Zen master stops and simply smiles.
Thyagaraja begins the proceedings with what he passionately believes to be the most appropriate musical composition condemning Osama, namely, “Chakkani Raja margamu lundaga sandula duranela….”. He eloborated saying that when a royal path is well laid out,why should one take the bylanes and crooked paths.

Now it’s JK’s turn. He interjects with his famous line, “Sir,Truth is a pathless land”. The common man looks confused as JK continues, “Each one of us has to explore and find Truth for himself. I am not your guru nor are you my disciple”.
Now the common man wants to know from JK the root cause for human misery. JK says in his inimitable style, “Thought divides. Ideas and ideologies fragment further. When I say I am a Muslim or Hindu or Christian, it divides. So do concepts like democracy, communism, Socialism, Capitalism etc”. He continues, “This leads to violence and crimes against humanity. The story has been the same since times immemorial. The only difference now is that with technological advancements, human beings have invented more efficient ways of killing each other”.
The common man now wants to know how one can end this human misery. JK explains, “Let us explore the problem together. Is it at all possible to empty ourselves of the entire content of our Consciousness which is filled with preconceived notions,anger, jealousy,hatred,envy etc? If one can empty our minds of all that something magical will happen. one will then observe without the prejudiced observer. One will see and hear without the biased seer the hearer.There will indeed be TOTAL ATTENTION and in that attention,an insight emerges resulting in clarity of action. And such an action will be complete and filled with love and compassion”.

The moment JK talked about emptying of the contents of consciousness,the Zen Master smiled again and broke his silence. He said, “That is what I meant by pouring tea till it overflowed. Most of our minds are completely filled and overflowing with garbage – how can such a mind receive anything of value?”

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