Relevance Of Thyagaraja for the modern times – Part4(Guidance to Genuine Spiritual Seekers)

Now we turn our attention to the most important aspect,that is,the saint’s teachings to genuine spiritual seekers. These teachings have universal value and for all times. The messages come in handy for many of us who are either misguided or confused or simply ignorant about what to do in our spiritual pursuits. The saint has plenty of advice to give to genuine spiritual seekers and condemns certain atrocious acts in the name of religious practices. We will eloborate these with the help of  a few kritis.




In the kriti ‘Manasu nilpa sakti leka pote— the saint highlights the importance of purity of mind and tells us what will be the consequences if the mind is not able to concentrate. The saint sayss that the ritual of taking bath in a holy river followed by worship with flowers & sweet sounding bells is of no use if one is not able to control and concentrate the mind on the Lord. In a similar fashion,it is pointless to follow austerities if one’s mind is filled with anger and lust(‘kama’ and ‘krodha’).  Similar thoughts are expressed through another kriti ‘Adi kadu bhajana’,where he the essesntial nature of bhakti is described. Clearly,most of us are swayed by symbolism and miss the substance. Symbols are relevant only if they strengthen the essential bhakti.


Eloborating the point further in the kriti ‘Manasu svaadhinamaina’, the saint goes to the extent of saying that for a person who has control of mind and one who has realized that worldly pleasures are transient, there is no need for mantras,tantras,aashrams etc.

In the kriti,the saint is forthright and minces no words in dimissing the age-old rituals. For an evolved soul who has realised that Rama is everything,there is no need for ‘ashrams’ nor is there any need for practice of austerities(‘Tapas’).

He says  with a great deal of authenticity that he will let out the whole secret as the one who knows the mercy filled heart of the Lord. The Lord Rama has seen the suffering of people attracted into doing rituals prescribed in Karmakanda of Vedas and lost their way in the forest of ‘Samsaara’. Therefore He decided to come down in human incarnation to show exemplary path.




In the kriti ‘Sukhi Evvaru’ the saint while praising in glory of Rama,talks about ‘worshipping and chanting of the name of the Lord Srirama with truthfulness without any prejudice to other gods or goddesses. The message of religious tolerance is quite evident in these line ‘ Daiva  bhedamu leka’.  




In another kriti ‘Samsarulaite Emaiyya’ — ,the saint dispels the myth that the self realization is not attainable by those leading family lives. He says emphatically it matters very little whether you are leading a family life or that of an ascetic life. Rather what is important is whether you are practicing ‘Dhyana'(meditation)and ‘bhakti’. Another characteristic of such an evolved person is that he surrenders the fruit of his actions(‘karma phala daanamu cheyu’). Such a person would also drive away all evil thoughts and also induct his family members also in the service of the Lord.

Thus the  saint has unequivocally dispelled the myth that a married person is not fit for  spiritual realization and at the same time highlights the most important qualities to achieve self realisation.

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